TUSCAN JOURNEY (2000-2018)

Acrylic, Glues, Photos, Drawings

Various Sizes

“The Journey” is one of the main themes in my work. It is a place of discovery where the “divine gypsy” is free to roam. As artists and viewers, we can choose to cross a threshold into unknown territory and enter the magical space that children play in.

In 1998-2000, I took small groups to a 17th century stone farmhouse in Montisi, Italy for retreats. We creatively explored our response to living in a Tuscan hillside town of 300 people where no one spoke English. We drew or wrote poems or just sat on the terrace; we cooked only Tuscan food, walked amongst the vineyards, took figs and pomegranates off the trees, went on side trips to nearby Montepulciano, Pienza and Chiusi. 

This very special old Tuscan hilltop town is my “one and only place”. I can’t stop painting these intimate vignettes! I hope this is a discovery of little treasures.

The paintings can be re-arranged in any configuration or stand alone. The viewer may move them to create their own scene. They may be purchased singly or combined.