1993         M.A. School of the Art Inst. Of Chicago (20thc. Art History, Theory and Criticism) (Thesis: Demoiselles d’Avignon; published at SAIC)

1987         MFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago

1975-78    Studied Art Therapy Adler Inst; Gestalt Inst. Mildred Chapin ATR

1962          B.A Northwestern University (English Literature)



2006         Koehnline Museum of Art, IL-“Travel Documents”

1997          Sedona Museum of Art – One person Retrospective

1993          Sedona Museum of Art – Group: “Creation Themes”

1990          Haggin Museum Stockton, CA – 5th National Print and Drawing Show

1990          State of Illinois Museum Gallery, Chicag0: “Monuments and Memorials”, an exhibition with 6 sculptors and 3 architects;

Curator: Victor Cassidy (catalog)

1986          Rockford Art Museum, Rockford IL-“Fetish Art: Obsessive Expressions” – Installation Invitational; Curator: Robert Middaugh

1982          Museo de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico – “Chicago Paper”

1981          Illinois State Museum, Springfield, IL -33rd Invitational; Curator: Robert Evans



2002         Imagine Art Gallery, Sedona AZ  “Shamanic Visions” painting & poetry (catalog)

2001         Imagine Art Gallery, Sedona AZ  Paintings, Monoprints, Poetry, Installation (catalog)

1998         Gardens For Humanity, AZ: Artist Studio and Garden Tour

1997         Sedona Museum of Art, Retrospective

1990         Three Illinois Center, Chicago: Large Paintings; Curator: Dennis Adrian

1990         Prairie Ave.Gallery, Chicago:“Thresholds” site-specific sculptural installation (catalog)

1990         Jung Institute, IL: Small Works (“A Bird’s Eye View”)

1988         Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago: Paintings (Ophelia’s Visions)

1982         Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago:  (Tantric Journeys) (catalog)

1980        Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago: (Personal Geologies – textural Paintings)



17 years of representation with Jan Cicero Gallery in Chicago  

2010       Sedona Visual Artist Coalition  “Pathways”

2009       Sedona Visual Artist Coalition  “Music of the Earth”

2006       Columbia College Art & Design, Chicago, IL – “Travel Documents"; Curator: Corey Postiglione (catalog)

2006       Robert Roman Gallery –Scottsdale, AZ

2006       Sedona Visual Artist Coalition – “Random Acts of Art”

2004       Evanston Art Center, IL –  “A Moment in Time”; Curator: Corey Postiglione)

2004       Yavapai Center For the Arts, – “Eden Rediscovered” and  “Dreams”

2002-03    Gallery WOW, Sedona AZ

2002        Nassan Gobran School of Fine Arts, Sedona. – “Masters Show”

2002        Sedona Art Center Gallery Shop

2001        Betty Rymer Gallery: Chicago IL- “2001 Space Oddities”

2001        Nassan Gobran School of Fine Arts, Sedona = Faculty Exhibition

2001        Sedona Visual Artist Coalition (Installation FOSP)

2000        Nassan Gobran School of Fine Arts, Arizona: Faculty Exhibition

1989         R.H. Love Gallery, Chicago: “The Very Top: Chgo. Women Painters

1988         Judith Racht Gallery; Chicago

1988         Nancy Lurie Gallery, Chicago: “Discoveries”

1988         Columbia College Gallery, Chicago: Pougialis Mentor/Apprentice Show

1988         Art Institute of Chicago: Fellowship Exhibition

1988         School of the Art Institute Chicago Gallery: “Paper Products”

1988         Northwestern University Dittmar Gallery, IL: “Rites/Rights of Passage” (Sue Taylor, catalog)

1988         Paper Press, Chicago: “Paper Chase:-Handmade Paper

1988         Artemisia Gallery, Chicago: “Her Infinite Variety: Women in Sculpture” Installation

1986         Northern Illinois University, Swen Parson Gallery: “Art in Paper” (catalog)

1986         Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago: “Drawings

1985         Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago:  Two Person Show: Paintings



2005        “Travel Documents, curated by Corey Postiglione

2002         Coconino Center for the Arts, AZ  “Embracing Time: A celebration of Aging”; Yavapai Community College Arts and Technology Center; ASU West

1983        “Chicago Paper: North Dakota Arts Council; Power Plant Visual Art Center Fort Collins, CO, Stables Art Center, Taos, NM; Carlsbad Art Center, Carlsbad, NM; Museo de Bellas Arts: Mexico City, Mexico; Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Fontbonne Gallery, St. Louis MO; University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, WI; Loyola University, Chicago; New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, Indiana



1987        Edward L. Ryerson Foundation Traveling Fellowship-Schl. Of Art Inst.Chgo

1988        Finalist, Art History Fellowship: School of the Art Inst. Of Chicago

1987        Teaching Assistant Art History: School of the Art Insititute of Chicago

1987        Juror: “Multiformity: Art by SAIC Fiber Students” School of Art Inst. Of Chicago

1988         Pougialis Fellowship Mentor/Apprentice Program-Columbia College

1986         Honorable Mention, Harper College Annual Drawing Show IL

1985         Purchase Award, Illinois State Percent for Art – State of IL building

1985-87    Unendowed Scholarship (Hoggins Fund: SAIC)

1984         Pougialis Fellowship Mentor/Apprentice Program-Columbia College

1981         National Endowment for the Arts and Illinois Arts Council: Project Completion Grant for “Tantric Journeys”

1979         7-month Artist in Residence Grant from Illinois Arts Council



Deloitte and Touche, Chicago IL          Schiff, Hardin, Waite Atty.,Chicago IL

Harris Bank and Trust, Chicago, IL      Oakbrook Hyatt Regency, Chicago IL

State of Illinois Building                        Urban Gateways Administrative Offices, Chicago IL

St. Ailbe Parochial School, Chicago      Communications Resource Group, Evanston, IL

Goldberg & Cohen Law Offices           Howard Tullman



2009, 2010 ,2011     Lecturer Sedona Visual Artist Coalition

1992-to date            Director of The Center for Creativity and Balance, Sedona AZ offering art classes and retreats in nature

1996-to date            Instructor of Qi Gong/Tai Chi at Hilton Resort and Spa; Mii Amo Spa at Enchantment Resort

1991-to date             Jin Shin Jyutsu Certified Practitioner and Self-Help Instructor

1999-2002                Nassan Gobran School of Fine Arts, Sedona AZ: Instructor-2D Design; aesthetics/color theory/composition; abstraction/realism art seminars; drawing

1995-2003                 Northern Arizona University Elderhostel Arts Program (Instructor: watercolor, begin/intermed;  drawing)

1995                           Curator “Creation Themes” Sedona Museum of Art

1990                          Panelist for Illinois Arts Council Artist as Resource Grant Selection Panel

1989 and 1980         Panelist for Illinois Arts Council Visual Arts Residency Selection Panel

1982-2005                Instructor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Painting and Drawing; Color Theory; Critique; and Oxbow Summer  Institute; landscape drawing

1988-89                    Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL (Instructor Art History; Humanities; Painting)

1983-86                    Northeastern Il. Univ. (Chicago Teacher Center): Instructor in Teacher Training; Curriculum Devel.; Perspective; Portrait 

1984                         Curator- “Images Toward Peace” Dittmar Gallery Northwestern University

1981-84                    Art Institute of Chicago – Museum Education Program: Lecturer

1980-90                   Art Consultant:  Flick Reedy Corp. (Bensenville, IL); Amoco Corporation planning for Annual Conference in Calgary, ALTA; Urban Gateways Chicago: A Center for Arts in Education (Curriculum Devel. And Design); training seminars for artist residencies; teacher institutes in watercolor techniques; understanding modern art; color & the senses; figure & landscape; Interdisciplinary workshops in “Dance and Drawing”. “Writing and Drawing”

1979-80                   Artist in Residence (7 months) Bensenville IL Pioneered art curriculum development for entire elementary school district and recreation programs in the community

1978-81                    Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Art Encounter (Education & Enrichment in the Visual Arts: Program Development; fundraising; grant writing, gallery-museum tours



2006–10     Articles and Announcements in Sedona Red Rock News, Kudos, (“Shamanic Visions”) and on the Internet by Jim Peterson and Sedona Visual Artist Coalition

2006            Chicago Sun Times: “Travel Documents”

1997             Red Rock News, Sedona AZ, Janice Hightower

1989             New Art Examiner Magazine (January) “Reviews”, Mitchell Stevens

1988             Michael Bonesteel, “Picture Perfect” Review: Pioneer Press (Evanston IL. December)

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1980             David Elliot, “Critic’s Choice”, Chicago Sun Times (June)

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