Oil and Acrylic on board, masonite, cardboard, paper with wall easels and shelf

This Interactive experience aims to engage the viewer in making compositional decisions as the artist does, based on each individual’s aesthetic. The viewer is invited to move the pieces and create simple or complex configurations of shapes, colors and use of the space. (You may use any pieces on all four easels, going back and forth to retrieve the pieces you want. You are not confined to what is on your easel or shelf at the moment.)

Enjoy the Process of making decisions (it is innate within all of us!). Experiment with simple or complex abstractions. There is no right or wrong here, only your willingness to play and be in the Creative Process, and also to enjoy watching others make their own decisions, which may be very different than you might make. 

When you have “finished” a “painting”, please photograph it for yourself;  use Instagram if you like. Finished pieces may be purchased (including the easel and shelf with up to a maximum of 7 painted pieces, - or negotiate with me!) This would be so much fun to be in your house and engage family and friends in “Playing With Possibilities”.